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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

which one do u wanna share with me?

helo fren-)♥♥♥.....

which one do u wanna share with me???

is it

fruit juice?

coffee mocha?
ice blended?

n guess what behind it..
if it is

tea : meaning u care 4 me
cappucino : meaning u r my best fren 4 eva..
milk : meaning im ur special one..♥♥♥
fruit juice : meaning u me..
coke : meaning u hate me..
coffee mocha : u want me...
ice blended : u like me...
dats all 4 now..thnxx..
i am thirsty rite now..hehe..bye2

Sunday, October 4, 2009

hari ini dalam sejarah..

hari ini..tanggal 4 oktober 2009..

sejarah baru dalam hidup aku...keh3.

actly xd pe pon..saje nak penohkan blog aku ni..

arini dlm sejarah sbb ni la kali pertama ramai gler org mesej ngn aku..

semue nak sembang pjg lebar lak tu..

kredit aku rm5 habis dalam masa xsampai 24jam!(actly abeh dalam rm3 je..haha)

xmenang tgn den dibuAtnyE..

time kaseyh la ye korang2 yg mesej ngn aku arini..sbb abihkan kredit aku..hahaa..

xlah aku gurau je..ak tau korang rindu aku...sbb tu msg aku kan??kuikui

klah..ak nak out..nak sambung stdy+wat psm..

chowsin muahX

Friday, October 2, 2009

credit to mr epit

like sun dont shine
like sky never blue
like a bitter candy
like leaf fall cant reach da ground

ive lost far away
flowing wif heavy wave but never wet
dream just in dream.....
run so fast..
yet still at the start
truth is a lie
end wif a cry.......

chose ur way
choose ur door......
u'll pay
what u heading 4...

if he can choose,y not me?

if he can choose between two of us,y not me?dont blame me if i choose this way pls..

if he choose her instead me..y shud i sad like a fool?

let them happy..bcz when we letting people happy..

we WILL BE happy,insyaallah..

even at the 1st its much...........

ive faith in ALLAH's promise a good man only 4 a good woman(i will try to b a good woman)

i wish ill find the best 4 me later to rplace the shadow of u..btter thn him myb?

bcz ive chose this way.......... letting them happy without me =)