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Thursday, February 25, 2010

aku ade kwn baru!lalalaa

hehehee..her name is SANA..shes from IRAN..
actually shes a master student in UTM..
her supervisor for thesis is same with me,PROF ROSLY ABD RAHMAN..
(i called him papa..ngee)..

at first im afraid if i cant communicate well with her bcoz our language is different,n...
my english is u know..BROKEN!!haha..

but alhamdulillah,all is final year project is same with everything we must
do together..

shes okey,and i comfortable with her..hehe..miss sana,im glad to know u~ngee
and i hope we can do our project well..and b fren with u always..who knows?one day
i have a chance to visit ur country..u can b my tour guide ok?(>.<)

attention : dis id not her..(gambar hiasan je)

p/s : amboi2 mar..speaking nampakk..hahahaa

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